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Frequently Asked Questions

This section of the website provides the answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive every day. For any enquiry, please fill in the form below and we will answer as soon as possible.

Sales/Delivery faqs

Who is the nearest distributor?

Please refer to the Italy sales department to find your nearest distributor. Contact: Fabio Bucciarelli This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How many days does delivery take?

For detailed information on shipping and delivery, please contact your local distributor.

What are your prices?

In order to see the price list it is necessary to register and obtain authorisation from the website administrator.

Can I buy the spare parts directly from the manufacturer?

No, as for the machines, you have to order them through your local distributor.

Can I buy these machines directly from the manufacturer?

No, you have to order them through your local distributor.

Technical faqs on products

When changing gears to the tiller, is it absolutely necessary to loss all the oil inside gearbox ?

No, in order to avoid oil loss it should be enough laying the tiller of about 30° on the front. In this way the oil level will be under and there won’t be any loss.

What is the role of clamps, slides and spreaders?

CLAMPS: they facilitate the shredding of cuttings from pruning as they hold the material to be cut
- they adjust the distance between the ground and the tool
- they make the machine movement smoother and help it to overcome obstacles 
- on soft and sandy soil they help the roller to stop the tool sinking
SPREADERS OR DEFLECTORS: applicable only to the shredders with liftable cover, they help to distribute the material coming out uniformly

Can the Eco Chipper also be used for leaves and similar?

No, the Eco Chipper is made for shredding bushes and wood shavings.

Why could the gearbox of the tiller and mower overheat?

A possible cause is lack of oil. We recommend checking the oil level. For further details please refer to the local authorized workshop.

Which checks are required during a continuous work?

Detailed information can be found in the operation and maintenance guide.
In general:

  • greasing the cardan coupling and other tool parts
  • temperature of the transmission elements

What checks must be carried out before operating the machine?

Detailed information can be found in the operation and maintenance guide.
In general:

  • oil levels
  • greasing the cardan coupling and other tool parts
  • tightening nuts and bolts
  • tensioning chain/belts (where fitted)

Is it possible to order the machine with a different cardan coupling from the standard one?

Yes. Every machine has a cardan coupling recommended according to the type of work it does; however, it is possible to have an alternative cardan coupling to better fit the customer’s needs.

What is the rotor speed?

It depends on the machine family: the shredders do about 2000 rpm and the tillers about 250 rpm. Within the family, the number of revolutions changes according to the model.

What is the correct position for the machines to work?

The tool must be parallel to the ground. For further information please see the operation and maintenance guide.

What is the weight of the machines?

The weight varies according to the model and the machine size: please refer to the product page you are interested in.

What is the role of the gearbox?

The role of the gearbox is to vary the rotor speed in the tiller and the blade speed in the spader according to the operator’s needs.

What are the working depths of the spader and the tiller?

The depth depends on the type of soil, the machine model and the tool adjustments.

What are the overall dimensions of the machines?

The overall dimensions vary according to the model and the machine size: please refer to the product page you are interested in.

Are different sizes available other than the standard ones?

No, they are not available.

What is the difference between the work of a SPADER and a TILLER?

The TILLER performs the finishing touches of the job, as it finely shreds the soil. The SPADER does a more thorough job digging the soil deeply and ignoring the finishing touches. It is typically used when the soil needs to rest after working.

Is it normal that the gearbox gets overheated when it is working?

The overheating of the gearbox when working is normal. An empirical method to understand  whether the temperature is excessive is observing the paint of the gearbox. If this tends to become dark that means  the temperature is too high. In such a case we recommend you to verify that the oil level is proper.
Should you reintegrate oil, SICMA recommends following the instructions on our handbook. With machines equipped of gear-change, a further check to be made is for the correct coupling of gears (for example it needs to be verified that it’s not being used a configuration set for 540 rpm on a tractor at 1000 rpm). For further details please refer to your closest authorized workshop.

Tool movement faqs

Can I transform a fixed shredder into a shifting one or vice versa?

The shredder models available in both versions are: SL – TMX – TE – TSN

What is the average movement of the machine?

The movement varies according to the model and the machine size: please refer to the product page you are interested in.

Can I move the tiller hydraulically while working?

The models movable during operation are:

  • HL and SH automatically by means of a feeler
  • SMF hydraulically from the tractor

Is the tool moved to the right or the left?

Right hand side forward-facing.

How is the tool moved? Screw, bolt or cylinder?


  • hydraulic cylinder
  • worm gear
  • telescopic tube


  •  hydraulic
  • worm gear
  • manual

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