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Alfa Metal (Sicma2)

In the Alfa Metal plant, a company in the Sicma group, the work focuses mainly on transforming sheet metal from coils into semi-finished products destined for the heavy construction department (Sicma5) or the assembly plant (Sicma3).
These transformation operations are carried out in the following processing steps:

a. laser cut with Bystronic shear centres. They carry out cuts and/or engravings on sheets ranging from 1 - 20 mm thick (iron sheets) or from 1 - 12 mm (stainless steel sheets) with maximum precision

b. folding with numeric control folding machines.

Besides the processing of sheet metal products, the transformation of commercial steel bars into semi-finished products is also performed, still destined for the heavy construction department (Sicma5) or the assembly plant (Sicma3).

The following operations may be generally summarised in the following processing steps:

a. commercial bar cut with numeric control sawing machines
b. puncture or punching with drilling or punching machines
c. other processes: tapping, turning, etc…

To complete the above-mentioned processes, a light construction precision welding department has been added so as to supply the assembly plant (Sicma3) with light construction semi-finished products using the products made within the same plant.

Finished machine assembly (Sicma3)

In the Sicma3 plant the final assembly of the machines is carried out.
The semi-finished products for assembly are provided by the plants in the group, Alfametal, mechanical processing (Sicma3) and heavy construction (Sigma5).

The assembly is performed with the help of a continuous dual rail assembly line as follows:
a. washing and drying line
b. powder spray line
c. baking line
d. 2 assembly lines

The assembly operations are performed on two separate lines once the parts have been completely painted with the epoxy powder system.

All the assembly stages are constantly monitored using a recording system of the operations and checks performed according to assembly forms and check specifications.

Mechanical processing (Sicma4)

In the Sicma4 plant the main activity is mechanical processing, for the removal of wood shavings in order to produce semi-finished precision products such as bevel gears, transmission gears, single cast iron blocks for transmissions, etc…destined mainly for the assembly plant (Sicma3).
These operations are performed starting from different raw materials:

a. commercial steel bars
b. pressed steel items
c. cast iron castings

Therefore, the operations may be summarised in the following processing steps:
- commercial bar cut with numeric control sawing machines
- turning parts from bars, pressed steel, cast-iron castings with numeric control turning machines
- any toothing processes of gears with automatic gear cutting machines
- any heat treatment phases with the help of external highly qualified suppliers
- boring of cast iron castings with numeric control boring machines with various axes.

To support the operators in the various processing steps there is a fully equipped metrological room with high-precision instruments, which guarantees systematic control of the semi-finished products in production so as to prevent machining defects of these types of semi-finished products.

Heavy construction (Sicma5)

In the Sicma5 plant the main activity is the welding of heavy construction semi-finished products destined for the assembly plant (Sicma3).

The semi-finished products to be welded are mainly supplied by Alfametal and are welded both manually (with the aid of assembly jigs) and with anthropomorphic arm welding robots.


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