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How is the gearbox of a Sicma rotary tiller made? Cnc Milling - Powder Coating - Assembly

Gearbox housing is the heart of machine: it is the component that allows to transfer energy from the tractor to the machine, in a nutshell, it lets your machine work.

Sicma 4: Mechanical processing

The process starts from simple cast molding. Then, through a lift, they are put on New Okuma working station for boring, a finishing operation made though a multi-cutting tool able to make holes with high precision.
Our gearbox housing is now ready. But before they are delivered to SICMA 3 for final assembling, they are calibrated in an up-to-date metrological room where thanks to ZEISS 3-D measurement device we can check every single part with high precision and rapidity.

This device offers a precision range higher than a micrometer, that is to say one millionth of a meter (just think that a blood cell has about 8 micrometers of diameter!).

Sicma 3: Finished machine assembly

Here we are at the final step that is the assembly line in our Sicma 3 plant.
The assembly is performed with the help of a continuous dual rail assembly line as follows:
a. washing and drying line
b. powder spray line
c. baking line
d. 2 assembly lines

The assembly operations are performed on two separate lines once the parts have been completely painted with the epoxy powder system.
All the assembly stages are constantly monitored using a recording system of the operations and checks performed according to assembly forms and check specifications. The semi-finished products for assembly are provided by the plants in the group, Alfametal, mechanical processing (Sicma4) and heavy construction (Sicma5).

We can see that our gearbox housing has been fitted on a Sicma RM rotary tiller, well done!

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