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ISO 9001 Quality System

We would like to increase our competitiveness pursuing a definite strategy: assure the full satisfaction of the quality requirements and the constant improvement of the firm’s performance and overall abilities.
Therefore we decided to start up an organizational plan that, starting from the customers and from their actual and future needs, focuses on the key processes, improving them in efficacy and efficiency.Fam Aurora


To make this strategy effective, the following priorities have been identified:

  • encouraging the change over to a conduct’s managerial vision, typical of industrial firms, through the responsabilities’ decentralization and the staff’s maximum involvement in the company targets’ achievement;
  • optimizing the firms’ processes and monitoring the results, through the reorganization and computerization of those processes;
  • setting off constantly the skills of the internal staff and of the sales force, through a constant professional training;
  • satisfacting at the right time and, when if possible, exceeding the customers’ expectations, understanding their needs in evolution and opening the way towards new technologies and new work’s organizational forms;
  • building distribution channels’ loyalty, making them suitable for the firm’s aims, in order to strengthen and guide the contact with the final customer;
  • supporting the introduction and realization of the quality management principles and techniques with the strategic suppliers, in a viewpoint of mutual benefits;
  • developing of the economic planning and management control office, to support the management decisions and to determine and achieve aims of efficacy and efficiency.

All our products are compliant with EEC Directives.
The EC marking is a mark which has to be applied to certain types of products in order to certify whether they fulfil (or comply with) all the applicable Community Directives. The application of the mark is prescribed by law in order to be able to sell the product in the countries that belong to the European Economic Area (EEA). The presence of the EC mark guarantees that the product has the required safety characteristics for use.

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