Fixed, medium. From 30 up to 50 HP, 1 speed, PTO 540 rpm.


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CS tiller


• 6 curved blades per flange mounted in spiral line (for normal soils)
• Standard rotor (with end blades turned outwards)
• Lower 3rd point hitches with adjustable width
• Adjustable side skids to determine the desired working depth
• Parking stand
• 1-speed gearbox made by SICMA with conical roller bearings and oil level indicator
• Side chain drive in oil bath with automatic chain tensioner and sight glass
• PTO shaft size 5
• EC safety guards (standard in European Community)
• Powder coating, ensuring more durable color and gloss


Square blades (for sandy soils)
Gear drive
4 blades per flange mounted in spiral line
Side conveyors
Spicked roller
Flexible clutch


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