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Our history

Who we were and who we are now

Sicma was established in the sixties in Miglianico, in the Chieti province, thanks to a team of Abruzzo entrepreneurs, united by a strong enthusiasm and will, as well as a considerable market knowledge, due to the previous experience in tractors' business.

Sicma S.r.l., which produced agricultural machines, has been founded by Aurora brothers, aiming at jointing craftsman genius together with modern industrial technologies, using its own experience in the construction of agricultural machines, in particular tractors and vineyard machines.
Aurora brothers have always been interested in all-purpose tractors production and sale. In 1968, they decided to change this activity and to start the agricultural machinery production, because of their considerations about tractors' market and the investments necessary to go on.
This activity started in Abruzzo with the production and sale of tillers, that soon became the most important product of the whole range, a production characterized by its high quality and respondance to the market needs.

After tillers, they started the production of diggers and flail mowers, obtaining a great success, thanks to their reliability and safety.

In 1988 they started a partnership with a producer of collecting fruit machines. Among them, they decided to continue the production of fork-lift, because these machines are the nearest to Sicma productions and to its technical and business knowledge. The last product that has been realized is represented by mowers, a kind of machine saled above all in the North of America.

With time, Sicma acquired fame and prestige all over the country, but also abroad, gaining regard and confidence thanks to products' quality and range, but especially to direct and personalized relationship with each customer.

In order to follow market evolution, in 1995 Sicma became a Joint-Stock Company, reorganizing its activity on the basis of market changes and of the new customers requirements.

Since 1995 Sicma has done a series of investments that allow it to take the shape of a company opened to the market and always ready to face all new challenges.
At the beginning Sicma headoffice was a simple factory shed, while today it has three buildings that cover a surface of about 12.000 mq, where work more than 100 workers.

Italian excellence in the manufacture of agricultural machinery and equipment - Source: PLATINUM (ilsole24ore) - April 2013

At the end of the forties Igino Aurora, inspired by the idea of making work on the land less tired and more productive, built the first track-type tractors to be used at the time in farming. Sicma Spa, a leader in producing agricultural machinery, took root in that idea, afterwards pursued with skill and acumen by his sons Lorenzo, Mario and Franco, lending origin to a business story of great success. The company became highly developed and organized as time passed, succeeding in combining
the genius of artisans with the utility of modern technologies. It is now a forerunner in producing agricultural equipment such as tillers, shredders, mowers, spaders and wood chippers, representing the best of an entirely Italian brand for safety and quality on international markets.  Read all the article -->

Historical profile of the sector

Agricultural machine sector is a young one: it was created after the II world war, in 1958 – 1960, when all the country was in a rebuilding phase. During those years the first agricultural machine spread. Agricultural market had its boom during 1968, when agriculture needed to be mechanized and there was a high level of demand and a low level of offer.


But as time goes by the competition, both in Italy and abroad, grew, inverting this dynamic: a low level of demand and a high level of offer. There was the necessity to reorganize production methods, in order to compensate the increase of raw material and workers coasts. In the same time, agricultural companies were penalized by ceasing prices of agricultural products increased at a rate inferior to the one of the inflation. The highest costs per unit should be compensated by a better efficiency of production machines.
Agricultural machines producers decided to sharpen their products and reorganized their structure in order to offer a high quality product. Nowadays this sector is characterized by a cyclic progress: every 7/8 years there is a descent phase. Generally these cycles are determined by the state of agricultural productions and by farmers incomes, that is to say by the real prices of agricultural products and by agriculture value added.

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