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Rotary tillers

The SICMA tillers are characterised by high adaptability to every type of terrain (hard, dry and stony, soft, wet and sandy) and every kind of machining thereby allowing adjustment for each type of tractor.

The agricultural tillers can be fixed or movable laterally with a mechanical or hydraulic system that allow tractors, for example, to better work land cultivated with vineyards and orchards.

The tiller, or rotary cultivator, is an agricultural machine used for tilling of the soil which is carried out to prepare the ground for sowing or to break up the soil after ploughing, or even to remove weeds from fields.

Fixed tillers
Fixed tillers, or mechanical hoes, are more widely used for preparation of the soil for sowing, for transplantation in horticulture and in floriculture, for the burying of organic fertilisers and for weed control.

The SICMA agricultural machines have a wide range of models produced with different measures to be able to be applied to tractors with small, medium or large powers.

Movable Tillers
They are produced to be used on areas of land that are impossible to reach with a fixed tiller such as in rows of vineyards, orchards and on land cultivated with vegetables. The lateral sliding system allows the movable tiller to till the soil agilely and precisely while avoiding damage to the plants.