The large Production chain | SICMA - A Company for the Industrial Production and Construction of Agricultural Machines

The large Production chain

Continuous supervision of all stages of production and attention to final assembly of the components guarantee excellent results in terms of quality and efficiency of products.

The knowledge and experience accumulated over the years and handed down within the company give results of extreme precision, assisted by a production chain that is both impeccable and efficient.

In the production, design and implementation of the mechanical systems and equipment there is a focus and control that never cease and which accompany the customer even after the sale.

La grande filiera di Produzione

The highest technology of carpentry machinery in the hands of great masters of Italian labour.

The Sicma certifications
La grande filiera di Produzione

The specific skills that characterise the workforce at SICMA perfectly reflects the company philosophy of precision, knowledge and reliability.

Each component produced is the result of careful analysis and machining to the limits of perfection.

La grande filiera di Produzione