Seminatrici combinate Sicma - Macchine Agricole SICMA
Seminatric combinate Sicma

Sicma combined seeders with power harrows

Seed drills to be used with Sicma rotary harrows represent the ideal solution for precise sowing in any operating condition and to reduce the number of times the field has to be crossed.
Increased productivity, reduced costs and better crop development are just some of the advantages offered. These combined seed drills are equipped with an innovative precise dosage system and a constant sowing depth control system.
Sicma combined seed drills can be of the mechanical or pneumatic type and allow you to bury any type of seed with great precision.

Roller control system

The amount of seeds processed by mechanical seed drills is determined by the travel speed of the rear roller: a simple, safe and very precise solution.

Technology avantgarde performance

Compact machines ideal for orchards, vineyards, gardening and greenhouses.

Avanguardia tecnologica erpici Sicma
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