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Erpici agricole Sicma

Sicma avantgarde Power Harrows Technology

l nuovi Erpici Rotanti Sicma sono affidabili, robusti e sono rappresentati da una gamma di articoli molto ampia per soddisfare le diverse esigenze di utilizzi.

The harrows of the EA and EV series are compact machines suitable for use in orchards and vineyards, and also for gardening and greenhouses. Their structure and gears offer the best result thanks to the fact that they are largely oversized: their size is indeed identical to that of superior models.

The harrows of the EC series were created to perform quality work in open fields. The EZ model, on the other hand, is designed for horticultural work; it is characterised by the presence of 2, 3 and 4 rotors, based on the operational needs.

The range also includes heavier and larger harrows that combine reduced dimensions during transport with the great performance of the Sicma tradition. Although large working widths are achieved, the costs of use and maintenance are reduced and allow Sicma harrows to maintain their value over time.

posizione coltelli erpici

Each blade is bolted according to a defined mutual orientation that prevents peak loads on the transmission.
The savings are guaranteed in terms of both consumption and prevention of damage.

posizione coltelli erpici
Stone protection system

The lower part has been completely redesigned integrating in a double labyrinth system the tine holder with the one piece bearing holder. The first works within the second, cutting out any possibility of jamming due to stones, crop residues or any other element.

Stone protection system

The connection between the single cast special crown with an elongated sleeve and the shortened central shaft (75 mm), allows a perfect power transmission between gear box and gear wheels cascade. Thanks to GEAR SYSTEM and materials quality, Sicma’s harrows are able to work in all types of soil and in combination with high power.

Stone protection system

The DUAL SYSTEM is the perfect line up between the heavy one piece steel nondeformable bearing holder and the pair of minimum tolerance ball bearings. This system ensures perfect rotors stability and an absolute protection from dust and crop residues through two double labyrinth seals.

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Fins blades allows a perfect smashing of cultural residues and reduce their re-growth

Stone protection system

3-Blades system applied to each rotor have an unparalleled soil fragmenting function.

Stone protection system

Rear leveling bar is designed to work near the rotors. (Standard equipment)

Combined seeders

High precision farming machines

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