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  • 3-point hitch of cat. 1
  • Gearbox made by SICMA with conical roller bearings, integrated free wheel, caps for oil storage and leakage as well as with level cap
  • Transmission with V-belts and tensioner screw system
  • Execution “Y” knives or smoothed hammers
  • Double working configuration: centralized or decentralized (280 mm) in the fixed version
  • Front protections against accidental ejection of objects
  • Support of the rear roller with shielded bearings, also protected from outside agents (such as soil, grass, remains from pruning)
  • Openable cover (not available in the European Community)
  • Counter-knives system inside the shredding chamber
  • Eletronically balanced driveshaft
  • Oscillating lower hitch
  • Diametre of drive shaft ø 193 mm
  • Working diametre ø 500 mm
  • Diametre of bearing roller ø 193 mm
  • PTO shaft (Eurocardan) size 6
  • PTO shaft (Eurocardan) size 8 (for TR 250-280)
  • Partially boxed frame
  • EC safety guards
  • Polyester powder coating system

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Kit of steering iron wheels replacing roller Kit of steering iron wheels replacing roller
Operation at 1000 rpm Operation at 1000 rpm
Side skids Side skids
Spreading kit Spreading kit

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