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Erpici agricole Sicma

Sicma Harrows

The new Sicma Power Harrows are reliable, robust and are represented by a very wide range of items to meet the different requirements of use.

The harrows of the EA and EV series are compact machines suitable for use in orchards and vineyards, and also for gardening and greenhouses. Their structure and gears offer the best result thanks to the fact that they are largely oversized: their size is indeed identical to that of superior models.

The harrows of the EC series were created to perform quality work in open fields. The EZ model, on the other hand, is designed for horticultural work; it is characterised by the presence of 2, 3 and 4 rotors, based on the operational needs.

The range also includes heavier and larger harrows that combine reduced dimensions during transport with the great performance of the Sicma tradition. Although large working widths are achieved, the costs of use and maintenance are reduced and allow Sicma harrows to maintain their value over time.

Erpici agricole

Technology avantgarde performance

Compact machines ideal for orchards, vineyards, gardenings and greenhouses

Erpici agricole Sicma
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