Markets | SICMA - A Company for the Industrial Production and Construction of Agricultural Machines

A Red point
within immense spaces

The SICMA entire production takes place in Italian factories with raw materials assembled by specialist workers.

Sicma is one of the main companies in the sector.

Mercati commerciali


Export Production
In addition to having its network of importers and distributors for each country, SICMA works in private labelling with the big names of global agricultural mechanisation.


Italy Production
SICMA uses a dense network of agents and retailers to better serve the whole of Italy.

The design, study, research and surveys in the field have made these machines the ultimate gems in terms of design and technology..
Red points that punctuate the immensities of the lands around the world.

Sicma S.p.A. exports all over the world and the market areas in which it is most present are the United States, Europe and Australia, in addition to the national market.

Environmental sustainability