Flail mowers | SICMA - A Company for the Industrial Production and Construction of Agricultural Machines

Flail mowers

The quality and excellence of our agricultural machines are represented by concealed and protected construction components and are fundamental for the mechanics of a machine that does not cause problems and that lasts over time.

The primary characteristics of our flail mowers:

  1. Tool-holder rotor (or shaft) with helical arrangement and high-precision electronic balancing
  2. High-strength boron steel forged hammers
  3. Underbody shredding beaters
  4. Sicma production transmission unit with built-in freewheel
  5. Side drive with trapezoidal belts with tensioner
  6. Rotor supports with high reliability bearings equipped with NILOS lubricant seals
  7. High resistance self-centring pulley shrink discs
  8. Double sheet metal body
  9. Rounded anti-entanglement outer side panel
  10. Adjustable skids
  11. Protection systems against the throwing of objects represented by blades, rubber or chains
  12. Material retaining rakes for smooth and toothed hammers
  13. Self-aligning shielded stabiliser roller bearings with dirt protection
  14. Rear roller scraper

The shredder is an agricultural machine that is used for grinding and crushing stalks, pruning waste, runners and any other organic material present on the surface of the soil.

Lateral movement shredders are available which are suitable to work in conditions of complex terrain in addition to roadside clearers, used for work on edges, embankments and ditches.

Fixed shredders
They are suitable for the grinding and crushing of storks, pruning, runners, crop residues and any other wooden or organic material present on the surface of the soil.

Movable shredders
They can be moved mechanically or hydraulically and are necessary for shredding grass, weeds and residues of pruning and to make the operations of harvesting in vineyards and orchards easier or where it is in any case necessary to work beyond the route of the tractor and/or in an inclined position for the cleaning of ditches, river banks, road edges, embankments etc.