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Flail mowers

The Sicma flail is characterised by high adaptability to any type of terrain and to every kind of machining: the mulching of grass, bushes, wood and pruning waste.

The wide range of SICMA flails ensures the possibility to treat, in addition to grass, any other type of cultivation residues (pruning, stalks, runners…).

The shredder is an agricultural machine that is used for grinding and crushing stalks, pruning waste, runners and any other organic material present on the surface of the soil.

Lateral movement shredders are available which are suitable to work in conditions of complex terrain in addition to roadside clearers, used for work on edges, embankments and ditches.

Fixed shredders
They are suitable for the grinding and crushing of storks, pruning, runners, crop residues and any other wooden or organic material present on the surface of the soil.

Movable shredders
They can be moved mechanically or hydraulically and are necessary for shredding grass, weeds and residues of pruning and to make the operations of harvesting in vineyards and orchards easier or where it is in any case necessary to work beyond the route of the tractor and/or in an inclined position for the cleaning of ditches, river banks, road edges, embankments etc.