Environmental Sustainability | SICMA - A Company for the Industrial Production and Construction of Agricultural Machines



SICMA has two large photovoltaic plants that generate an annual average manufacturability of 1250 kWh, which means 1,131,250 KWh every year!
The energy produced from these plants is used entirely for the energy self-reliance of the company.

Almost 50% of the energy of SICMA is produced by the sun, the same that is used to grow a shoot.


SICMA uses only epoxypolyester powder paints without solvents, which in addition to providing excellent mechanical strength, good resistance to chemical agents and to yellowing, greater sealing of the colour against high temperatures and a higher resistance to UV rays, can be recovered and regenerated.

The SICMA paints are chromium-free. Chrome is a chemical agent that shows its dangerousness in a series of effects, including over many years, and that justifies the many concerns of environmental control in addition to being recognised by the IARC [International Agency for Research on Cancer] as undoubtedly carcinogenic.


SICMA is a cutting-edge company as it is equipped with internal systems that are fully certified which allow purification of the water used for the production process and disposal of it in a fully autonomous manner, in accordance with the rules in force ensuring safeguarding of the environment.

What we mean by quality
Sostenibilità ambientale


The oils used by SICMA in the production process, especially regarding the phase of gearing and of broaching, are whole oils with distinct characteristics with a focus on the ecological aspects, formulated with a base of natural origin, and are completely vegetable in origin!


All chemical substances that enter the production plants are subjected to precise technical controls in accordance with the strict legislation in this area and this entails the absolute certainty that no chemicals are used that do not comply with the rules or even that are outlawed.


Via samplings on board the machine and in the boxes, SICMA periodically ensures that the quality of the air inside its plants complies with the quality standards. Although they are not mandatory controls imposed by law, SICMA adopts this procedure to ensure a healthy and clean work environment.