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Spading machines

The Sicma spading machines are specific machines for the machining of land with a high moisture content, soil that contains clay, that is heavy or with hard subsoil which makes previous treatments with tillers difficult.

The spading machine must be connected to a tractor by means of the standard three-point hitch, is driven by a power take-off and does not require traction force.

The spading machine is an agricultural machine used for land clearance and its operation involves introducing, in an alternating manner, the shovels into the ground, tearing off the clods and projecting them backwards where a flap or a rake controls the degree of crushing and levelling of the surface.

The advantages
Using the spading machine the clods are torn off leaving a porous and permeable base, thus favouring transpiration of the soil and water absorption, differently from the plough that with lifting of the clods creates a smooth and compact base that remains hidden under the tilled soil.