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Everything starts from design, a business area where a dedicated team of technicians and engineers analyse, study and develop components, machines and technological solutions with complex and advanced 3D software.

Moreover, they participate in the manufacturing phases, providing expertise and consultancy in the field of legislation and safety.

The extraordinary SICMA agricultural machines are the result of careful analysis of the problems linked to earth working. The choice of materials and their assembly are the result of scientific research tested in years of experiments, design and listening to the final consumers.

95% of all of the components of SICMA machines are of in-house production and represent the perfect combination between design, craftsmanship and technology.

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What we mean by quality
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The SICMA objective is to produce agricultural machines that respond to the needs of the market, exceeding the expectations of users.

SICMA, a laboratory of ideas and projects for high technology results

Progettazione e ricerca Sicma