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Heavy Cultivator COMBOTRACK

COMBOTRACK can work a 300 cm wide strip and, after the harvest, can bury residual stubble, break down any larger clods of soil, and lift, aerate, and level the field.

Just one pass with COMBOTRACK, the seedbed will result in being worked to a depth of approximately 15 cm and leveled to allow seeders to operate at their maximum performance.

  1. Hydraulic adjustment of the working depth of the front disks.

  2. Two rows of toothed disks of Ø610 mm open the upper soil layer, shredding and mixing organic matter into the soil.

  3. The staggered placement of the two rows of anchors ensures better soil flow even at high speeds. They plow and aerate the soil, mix the surface layer, and bury crop residues.

  4. The row of smooth rear disks of Ø400 mm breaks up large clods and closes any furrows. Their specific angle and position allow an optimal flow even in wet or residue-rich soils.

  1. Anchors protection springs engages until the obstacle is overcome and then return to the working position.

  2. Hydraulic adjustment of the rear rubber roller.

  3. Hydraulic adjustment of the working depth of the rear disks.

  4. The rubber leveling roller consolidates the soil and prepares it for seeding. The tire shape allows a smooth superficial soil finish with alternating pressure, facilitating root development.

  5. The semi-mounted 3rd category drawbar ensures the best setup of the working plan.

Technical details

Power Requirement
200 - 550 HP

Number of anchors

Notched discs Ø 610 mm

Smooth discs Ø 400

Working width
300 cm

Working depth
MAX 35 cm

Rubber finishing roller

Finishing work is essential, and rubber tires serve a dual purpose: they enhance the stability of the cultivator during moving and field maneuvering and provide finishing work by leveling the soil and closing the furrows created by the tines and disks.

The tire impressions create stratification with varying pressures, significantly improving root development.

Maximum speed without clogging

The special spacing of the tools gives the machine a balance that allows for fast and highly productive operations.

The robust frame, with its wide openings, ensures maximum reliability, flexibility, and durability.

General control panel, to adjust the working depths of the entire cultivator (available on request).

The sequence of toothed disks and anchors ensures effective and uniform cultivation.

Economic and Agronomic Benefits

High Performance and Reliability

COMBOTRACK can operate at speeds ranging from 8 to 15 km/h. The frame is robust and ensures high performance and productivity.

Preparation for sowing

in a single pass, COMBOTRACK completes full soil cultivation and allows a suitable finish and leveling for the seeder’s passage.

Agronomic Benefits

minimum soil cultivation allows for the mixing of soil and organic matter, promoting microbial activity and providing more natural nutrients for the following crop cycle.

Breakage of Soil Layers

the break of the surface layer of the soil allows a better aeration and facilitates water drainage.

Versatile and Efficient

the COMBOTRACK cultivator can be used throughout the year. It executes multiple operations in a single pass, significantly reducing operating costs. Additionally, depending on the crop and/or seeder, the working depths can be adjusted to achieve an optimal seedbed.

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