State of its own: the SICMA mulcher

Sicma TP mulcher was specially developed for professional agriculture, with the aim to excel over the competition. The robust mulching body is made of 2 standard exterior walls made of S700 steel and an optional wear plate can be installed.
The floating system in the hitch allows to raise the mulcher up to 25 cm on each side (thanks to the skids), as well as up to 30 cm (through the roller).
Thanks to 60 flails (in the 280 cm version) a counter-cutting system with an adjustable counter-blade, 6 rows of counter-blades, it is possible to get finest shredding result.
Sicma: The success from the experience. Since 1968.


With the OUT&FLOW® flap open and the support roller set to the front position: The mulch is deposited loosely after the support roller and can therefore rot faster.

With closed OUT&FLOW® flap and with the rear position of the support roller, the seed will be deposit in front of the roller roller. Harvest residues and and waste grains are distributed and pressed on.


  1. SICMA hammers
    30x pieces made of SICMA drill steel in the 2.80m version, 60x pieces with DoubleCut® rotor. It is also possible to combine Y-knife and hammers.
  2. First-class sized rotor and rotor axis
    The rotor (without tools) has a diameter of over 340 mm and a total diameter (with tools) of 640 mm, as well as good dimensioned rotor axis (65 mm). Equipped with high-quality spherical roller bearings, shielded by a labyrinth system.
  3. Counter-cutting system
    Additional interchangeable rows of counter-cutting blades can be added (up to 6 rows; 1 is standard installed). These can also be installed later, if necessary and if you want to increase the cutting quality.
  4. Counterblade bar
    It is an adjustable counterblade (optionally hydraulic); standard installed.
  5. Sicma swinging protections
    1 row of heavy-duty protections is standard installed. Optionally you can have up to 3 rows, in chains or rubber flaps. These can also be combined upon request.

Developed with the aim of surpassing everything that has been built to date: SICMA TP Highlights:

  • Large working diameter of the rotor with 640 mm, even for enormous mulch masses.
  • High rotor speed of 1930 rpm at 1000 rpm on the PTO shaft.
  • Finely balanced triple spiral rotor with 30 SICMA hammer flails or 90 knives as standard, optional Hexaspiral DoubleCut® rotor: with double the number of tools, can also be combined (flails + knives).
  • 6 High-performance V-belt.
  • Thrown-object test DIN EN 13524 for road maintenance service.
  • Oscillating three-point cat. 2+3 with shock absorber for more comfort, to compensate for bumps and unevenness and with 60 cm hydraulic lateral adjustment.
  • Double-walled mulcher housing made of S700 steel + (optional) wear insert (replaceable) made of Hardox steel.
  • Sophisticated counterblade system with a continuously adjustable counterblade and up to 6 counterblade combs (interchangeable).
  • Large support roller (300 mm diameter) for higher working speeds.
  • First-class dimensioned rotor with a diameter of over 340 mm and large rotor axle (65 mm).
  • SICMA OUT&FLOW® System: Mulch can be deposited before or after the support roller.
  • Up to 3 rows of protection flaps, rubber flaps or chains, can also be combined, for increased safety.
  • High-performance spherical roller bearings on the rotor and support roller.
  • Proven SICMA vertically integrated production method, we produce in our own factories, so everything isperfectly harmonised.


With the DoubeCut® rotor, twice as many flails are used, or it is also possible to combine a set of flails with a set of knives. The spirals of the tools become 6 instead of the standard 3. The cutting frequency is thus doubled and the working speed can be increased, with the same good defibration. This allows the rotor to rotate more slowly and the tractor consumes less fuel.

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