In line with the goal of providing increasingly specialised solutions and machines for the various needs of modern agriculture, Sicma has designed and developed the new RX-Mais milling machine specifically for the processing of corn crops. Introducing an innovative solution to the market for corn farmers, meeting the objectives to be pursued to develop a more modern and efficient agriculture.

Benefits of Sicma RX Mais rotary tiller

The “RX Mais” rotary tiller has been designed and developed by Sicma with a set of specific features positively impacting the growth of corn plants, resulting in a range of economic and agronomic advantages in one single pass:

  • Soil preparation and planting occur without any the use of glyphosate, with a significant reduction of environmental impact.
  • Surface tillage between the anchor rows helps control soil erosion, unlike what occurs with the use of a plow.
  • Surface cultivation reduces weeds and transforms crop residues into nutrients enriching the soil and subsequently transferred to the crop.

The deep cultivation performed by the anchors, spaced at 75 cm, creates the ideal condition for the development of corn plants’ roots. This allows the plants to receive more nutrients, resulting in higher-quality yields.

Therefore, through one single pass, weeds are reduced, optimal conditions for root development are created, and a perfect seedbed is prepared. All that significantly reducing management costs compared to plowing, in a more sustainable world.

  1. The anchors positioned along the planting row break up the soil, creating a deep furrow and loosening enough soil to facilitating optimal root development.
  2. Tiller’s rotor operates at a specific speed able to refine the soil around the anchor and remove weeds between the planting rows. As a result, weeds are significantly reduced, providing more nutrients to corn plants.
  3. Packer roller compacts and levels the soil to create a perfect seedbed.
  4. The seed drill then opens furrows in line with the anchors, accurately places the seed (fertilizer or microgranules may be added if necessary) and closes the furrow by covering the seed with a few centimeters of soil.
  5. The maize seedling emerges from the ground in approximately 5 days.

Usage of the Sicma RX Mais” Cultivator

specific milling machine for corn fields, developed to make the work of corn growers simpler and more effective.

The Sicma “RX Mais” cultivator allows the removal of corn crop residues while simultaneously creating the furrow necessary for planting.

Three operations are thus consolidated into a single pass: residue removal, furrow creation, and seeding.

“RX Mais” is suitable for use in all corn cultivations, particularly common in North Europe and North America, but generally widespread worldwide.


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