After the summer break, Sicma is ready to get back into action.

Autumn is just around the corner and with it a series of important international events. Four strategic events that will mark a moment of growth and affirmation of the company in the global panorama of the agricultural sector.

Eventi Sicma autunno 2023

The first event scheduled will be in Gyhum near Hamburg in Germany.

The event will take place on 7 September in an atmosphere of innovation and discussion. At Sicma we will present cutting-edge solutions for farmers and we will put into practice, in the true sense of the word, our products for agriculture.

In fact, the new RK-Bio folding milling machine will be tested in addition to the TZF shredder in the specific context of corn cultivation.


In addition, we are particularly excited to show our new products also at the upcoming Agritechnica event (12-18 November) in Hanover, which already looks like an event of fundamental importance.

Here we will have the opportunity to present to the general public the Bio RK and RG milling machines, the already known RX-Mais and the new TP shredder, it too designed to be used in corn cultivation. All machines with excellent performance, with a special interest in sustainability.

But the real star of the event will be the Combotrack combined harvester, an innovative and versatile machine designed to optimise agricultural operations and improve crop yields.


We will also be in Bari for the seventh edition of Agrilevante which will take place from 5 to 8 October. This event, now considered the most important event in central-southern Italy for the agricultural sector, represents a valuable showcase for the company.

At Sicma we will propose our entire catalogue, since the solutions offered fully meet the needs of local farmers, with an eye to the environmental and economic challenges throughout the south.


The grand finale of the intense trade fair season will be, finally, in Montpellier in France from 28 to 30 November with Sitevi, a world reference trade fair for equipment and services in the vineyard-wine sector. In this particular context, we will present the new frontiers of technology applied to agricultural processing in the vineyards with the new Vignamatic harvester - which has already received numerous awards, as happened in June at Enovitis in the field - with which we have demonstrated that we have reached a turning point in the care of vines, with innovative solutions to optimise processing and improve the quality of products.

In addition, the renewed inter-row tool holder frames D1 and D2 will complement our offer, demonstrating the constant commitment to innovation and listening to customer needs.


The passion for agriculture and dedication to product quality are the values that have made Sicma a successful company. Thanks to this dedication, today we are ready to amaze the world with our new machines, designed to make agriculture more efficient, sustainable and productive.

The autumn months will be decisive, but the Sicma team is ready to face this new challenge with the awareness of being able to make a difference in the international agricultural landscape.

With its heart full of passion and its head turned to innovation, Sicma is preparing to write a new chapter in its story, aware that the road to success is paved with commitment, dedication and team spirit.


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