Perfect flail mower operation depends primarily on the rotor, which is an essential component of a high-performance machine because its rotation drives the tools that shred the grass and pruning residue.

The key features of the rotor (other than the overall width and weight) are undoubtedly the thickness of the steel used and the diameter.

Both factors are linked to the length of the rotor, meaning that any increase in either of these characteristics must be carefully managed to ensure that the weight remains within predetermined ranges. This is particularly important given that the rotor’s mass accounts for nearly 50% of the machine’s total weight. Moreover, if the rotors are not thick enough it will result in the unwanted flexing of the component at high rotation speeds.


The helical tool layout

The helical tool layout on the rotors has resulted in a much quieter range of flail mowers in which noise emissions are reduced and performance is improved, thus making ground work more fluid.

The helical layout of hammers and knives means that material is shredded more efficiently with less stress throughout the machine, thus resulting in less wear and tear on the components.

You can choose between three different types of tools depending on work requirements:

  • Toothed hammers for shredding runners and medium-size pruning residue;
  • Smooth hammers which are very versatile and ideal for shredding grass and shrubs, the maintenance of green areas, as well as for runners and medium-size pruning residue, and the wood waste from pruning vines and olive trees;
  • Knives suited to shredding grass and shrubs, for the maintenance of green areas, and for runners, straw and stubble.


The optional configuration of the flail mower tools based on your needs and the type of work to carry out allows Sicma flail mowers to keep any type of ground in perfect order and to satisfy even the most exacting customers involved in heavy-duty work.


The electronic balancing of Sicma rotors

Flail mower rotors normally rotate at a variable speed between 2000 and 2500 rpm, so they are subject to a high number of oscillations, especially if, as previously mentioned, they are not manufactured with the correct thickness or, even worse, not properly balanced.

Balancing is an operation that can be carried out of any mechanical rotating component. In the case of flail mower rotors, it is a very delicate process that requires a high degree of precision.



This procedure is carried out to reduce mechanical stress and eliminate virtually all vibrations in order to improve the operation and functionality of all the mechanical components involved, such as bearings and bushings, resulting in improved reliability and performance over time.

Sicma’s expert personnel operate cutting-edge industrial machinery equipped with advanced technology, ensuring precise and thorough balancing down to the smallest detail.


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