Vignamatic row and inter-row cultivator

Vignamatic row and inter-row cultivator


Vignamatic is one of the latest products presented at Eima International by Sicma S.p.A.: it is a very versatile combined cultivator, designed to simultaneously till inter-row and sub-row soil. Another step towards the development of specific machines for organic cultivation.

Vignamatic has been designed to meet the needs of vine growers who require machines capable of performing multiple and effective weed control operations, while respecting the environment. In fact, the Vignamatic cultivator performs mechanical weed control, so the use of chemicals can be avoided, thus contributing to the biological preservation of the soil.


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Vignamatic is centrally equipped with staggered ploughshares that till the inter-row soil to a depth of about 10-15 cm, effectively mixing and loosening soil of different consistencies and incorporating organic matter. On the two sides of the frame are hydraulically operated heads for sub-row tilling, the width of which can be adjusted to adapt to the size of the vineyard.

Vignamatic is characterised by the possibility of excluding the central ploughshares – thanks to a special hydraulic system – without lifting the entire frame, allowing the vineyard rows to be cultivated alternately. This feature makes Vignamatic highly appreciated by those who, in inter-row management, use the technique of alternating vineyard planting (otherwise known as alternate row planting technique).

The independent hydraulic ploughshare lifting mechanism keeps the machine's centre of gravity low, which improves the stability of the entire machine-tractor system, especially in sloping vineyards. Moreover, the entire frame (including the roller) can be lifted and made compact when moving to the next row, facilitating manoeuvres without increasing the overall height.


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Vignamatic can be configured with Sicma inter-row machine Smart Group tools, depending on the work to be carried out: blade kit, rotary harrow kit, weeder kit and rotary brush unit. The independent movement of both the Smart Group and the ploughshares allows for independent tilling to be carried out, providing the operator with high flexibility of use.

The sizes of the three frames in the range can also be adjusted by means of hydraulic jacks controlled by a joystick to adapt to rows of different widths.



Vignamatic is also available in two versions:

  • Mechanical: equipped with spring-loaded anchors that remain fixed;
  • Hydraulic: equipped with high-strength anchors (whose intensity of work on the ground can be adjusted), which can be hydraulically activated or excluded.

In both versions, there is an antishock system that preserves the integrity of the central anchors in the event of accidental impacts.


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Its wide range of configuration possibilities makes Vignamatic a machine that can be used all year round, configured according to the type of work to be carried out, the season and the different soil consistencies.


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Sicma’s mission is to develop new products aimed at sustainable agriculture characterised by new and innovative techniques, bearing in mind the needs of customers who use the machines in the field every day, without forgetting high performance, flexibility of use and reliability; therefore, Vignamatic is the ideal machine for viticulture, especially in cases where it is necessary to perform several operations simultaneously.