For the cleaning of road sides and banks it is necessary to use specific machinery such as bank mulchers. These are agricultural machines that are specially developed for the maintenance of green areas, obtaining excellent results in particular and potentially hazardous settings and conditions or in cases where the tool needs to work in a very cantilevered position with respect to the axis of the tractor.

Thanks to the superior versatility of the arm that allows horizontal and vertical movements – allowing the frame to tilt up to 90 degrees – lateral arm bank mulchers are also used for the cutting and pruning of hedges and bushes.


Trincia argini verticale


The bank mulcher is therefore a versatile tool, ideal for cutting and mulching  along road sides, ditches, drainage gutters, channels, banks and slopes. More generally, it is used towork on rough, uneven and sloping terrain where it is difficult to access with a general-purpose machine, but always guaranteeing maximum operator safety during the execution of the work even in the most inaccessible areas.

In this regard, a very important feature of the bank mulcher is the weight: by virtue of the type and processes to be carried out, the weight of the head must be suitably related to the weight of the tractor in order to avoid unbalancing of the tractor itself; therefore, depending on your vehicle, it becomes particularly important to identify the most suitable model of bank mulcher to be paired with.

Due to its significant versatility, the lateral mulcher also works excellently in parks and green areas, for example cutting and mulching grass and eliminating weeds and small shrubs.


Trincia argini laterale


Sicma lateral mulcher

At Sicma we produce four models of lateral arm mulcher designed and sized in weight to be installed safely on tractors with a power range of between 15 and 150 HP.

The most recently created bank mulcher is the new super lightweight MM model characterised by its reduced weight – not exceeding 200 kg – which can be used on mini tractors with low power of between 15 and 35 HP.

The mulching head can be extended up to 190 cm from the centre of the tractor (in the widest version with 125 cm working width), with variable inclination of the head (in the two versions with 110 cm and 125 cm), from +90° to -50° with respect to the horizontal position.

The range of bank shredders is completed with the following models:

  • MA model light and suitable for tractors with power between 20 and 50 HP. The arm can be extended up to 200 cm from the centre of the tractor in the widest version with 140 cm working width, with an inclination of the heads (in the two versions of 120 cm and 140 cm) from +90° to -50° with respect to the horizontal position.
  • ML medium model for tractors with power of between 30 and 70 HP. The head can be extended up to 267 cm (value referring to the wider 180 cm version) and allows an inclination of between +90° and -55° with respect to the horizontal position.
  • MP heavy model, usable on tractors with power of between 60 and 150 HP. It is able to reach the maximum extension of 347 cm from the centre of the tractor (with reference to the larger version of 230 cm). The inclination of the head varies from +90° to -60° with respect to the horizontal position in all the available widths. In addition, given the professional nature of the machine, the MP bank mulcher is equipped with various safety systems: the shockproof system that is used to follow the profiles of the work surfaces while protecting the structure from any damage; the "anti-shock" system designed to bypass any stones or other obstacles and, finally, the floating system that allows the machinery to follow the profile of the ground surface during the work.

High mulching performance is guaranteed by the electronically balanced shaft with helical distribution of the tools and by the counter-blade system inside the cutting chamber.


Trincia argini dettagli


Other features are:

  • hydraulic parallelogram lateral movement;
  • rear stabilising roller that guarantees excellent levelling during work;
  • inclination speed control valve;
  • external adjustment of the belts;
  • multiplier with integrated freewheel;
  • transmission casing protection;
  • pair of high thickness skids (in the MP version);
  • frontal protections against the projection of objects;

The Sicma range of lateral mulchers therefore includes a series of models that meet the needs of every type of user: from the simplest and lightest processes to professional processes, with a range of tools that adapts to the different powers of the agricultural vehicles on which they will be installed.

At Sicma we are able to offer a wide choice that always guarantees power, robustness and high performance on all types of terrain, even on the most challenging ones.

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