Eliminate weeds with minimal environmental impact: mechanical weeding

Eliminate weeds with minimal environmental impact: mechanical weeding


In order to limit and control the proliferation of weeds, weed control actions become necessary during the processing phases in rows and in soils to reduce competition with crops and prevent possible damage to them.

The spring and summer seasons are the main periods in which we proceed with the processes suitable for the elimination of weeds, since their diffusion is favoured by the hot and humid climate.

It is essential to remove weeds, since their presence and uncontrolled growth can be very harmful. Weeds, in fact, damage crops and enter in competition with them, feeding on the same nutrients drawn from soil and water. In addition, they can easily become the ideal habitat for the development of parasites and pathogens that can quickly spread, undermining the health of the entire crop.

Nowadays, there are alternative solutions to chemical herbicides: these techniques are extremely effective and at the same time sustainable for the environment, as well as economically less impacting, considering the entire production cycle of agricultural processing.

Thanks to the use of increasingly efficient and sophisticated agricultural machinery, mechanical weeding is spreading very rapidly with positive effects attributable to "organic" oriented agriculture, with high benefits both in agronomic and environmental terms.


Distruzione delle erbacce


Through mechanical weeding we proceed to physically remove the weeds from the soil, leaving the residues on the soil that will act exactly like a natural mulch, retaining soil moisture and limiting the evaporation of water. In addition, the soil will thus be protected from the action of atmospheric agents and sheltered from excessive exposure to sunlight, positively hindering the development of new harmful plants.

A very important side effect is the decomposition of the weeds, which will in turn become nourishment for the crops and the soil itself.


Solutions for mechanical weeding

Sicma designs and produces several agricultural machines that can be used for mechanical weeding: from those designed for soil processing to those for mowing and cutting weeds.



  • Tillers

The tiller is an agricultural machine used not only to prepare the land for sowing or to refine the soil after ploughing, but also to eliminate weeds from the fields, carrying out a mechanical control of the weeds. From this point of view, the Bio Sicma tiller (RG BIO, RW BIO, SPR BIO) are equipped with a pair of twin front wheels thanks to which it is possible to obtain an extremely precise and uniform adjustment of the working depth, in a band of soil (from 3 to 9 cm) where, by mixing the cut organic mass with the earth, the compost effect is obtained that prepares the soil for the action of the seed drill in compliance with natural plant cycles.

Another very important element is the rotor designed to achieve the rotation of 344 rpm (much greater than the usual 250): this allows to sever the weeds in a clear way at the root slowing down their regrowth (without resorting to chemical herbicides) and oxygenating at the same time the processed soil. Finally, another peculiar feature is the possibility of hydraulically adjusting the opening of the rear covers allowing the organic material to escape freely while preserving the "natural" effect of the creation of the compost. The hoes also have a precise angle of entry and cutting to avoid compaction of the soil and increase the refinement of the processed mass.

The tiller, in general, is a machine that adapts to a wide range of processes, thanks also to the numerous options that allow a very personalised configuration. Sicma tillers and hoeing machines are thus able to meet even the most special needs.


  • Inter-rows

The mechanical weeding carried out by the Sicma inter-rows allows to replace the chemical products used for soil weeding. It is therefore a process that respects the environment and enriches the biodiversity of the ecosystem of the vineyard or orchard.

Working the vineyard with an inter-row is the right choice since it respects both the microfauna and the flora present, with positive effects on the size and quality of the fruits, thanks to a greater presence of nutrients.

In addition, an inter-row machine has the great advantage of being able to install a series of tools on the frame to carry out more machining:  from pest control to soil processing, from suckering to plant mulching, optimising the entire work cycle on site.



Trinciatutto erbacce


  • Flail mower

It is an irreplaceable machine for those who need to carry out soil maintenance quickly, effectively, with the right attention to environmental sustainability. The flail mower acts mechanically on grass and shrubs, cutting and finely chopping unwanted vegetation.

In addition, the flail mower distributes uniformly on the soil the mulch composed of the crushed plant material that decomposes rapidly, becoming an excellent nutrient for the soil and the crop itself. In addition, to complete the work on the row and to quickly mow the weeds below the strain, the hydraulic inter-row lawnmower disc is available as an option.


  • Power harrows

The range of rotating power harrows is able to meet the multiple processing needs of agricultural land.

These are machines used to process the surface layer of the soil, mainly to refine and make the surface smooth, homogeneous and ready for sowing. Moreover, they are highly valid machines for the mixing of crop residues; their action favours the biological control and at the same time the elimination of harmful herbs and weeds.


The focus on environmental sustainability and the utmost consideration for the needs of customers, leads Sicma to design and develop machines always at the forefront.

The examples shown so far allow you to have a complete picture of what Sicma is able to offer in mechanical weeding, allowing operators to choose the agricultural machine that best suits their professional needs and providing them with the possibility to customise it effectively.