Sicma vegetable bed formers, potential and advantages

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A new product from the range of “made in Sicma” agricultural machines: the vegetable bed former, which completes the range of products with a focus on horticulture.

For horticulture professionals, the bed former is an essential machine that allows to obtain a quality harvest, with an eye to the optimisation of costs and work.


Sicma bed former: advantages and potential

There are many advantages deriving from the use of this machine.

The bed former is applied to the back of the tiller and can be used on all types of soil to create an optimal seed bed or transplant bed, mainly for vegetables.

The bed former allows the soil to be worked very finely and forms a continuous, level, not excessively compact and trapezoidal mound of soil – called bed. It is precisely in this raised section that the vegetables or other crops will be planted.

By keeping the soil finer on the surface, the bed former creates the ideal conditions for planting and growing vegetables, strawberries, saffron, berries, asparagus, potatoes and many other crops that benefit from this cultivation technique.

The finely worked and porous soil thus promotes the circulation of air and water and the conditions of the sowing area improve, resulting in harmonious root development and fast germination. It also promotes the optimal growth of the crops, while increasing the quality of the entire production.


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The advantages of the Sicma bed former

Using the Sicma bed former to create suitable soil to grow vegetables allows you to obtain a series of advantages both in terms of fertility and the quality of the harvest, as well as in terms of the processing method.

The main ones are:

  • Crop fertility and richer harvest

The soil worked with the bed former helps water drain easily, minimising the risk of rot and disease. The right balance between water and oxygen in soft soil, neither too compact nor too wet, ensures that the roots develop optimally.

By eliminating the risk of waterlogging, it also helps combat the formation of harmful organisms (such as insects and pests) that could affect the health of the vegetables and ruin the harvest.

  • Optimising work and protecting the environment

With our bed former, the soil only needs to be processed once, thus saving resources and time and reducing the work required. Moreover, this method makes it possible to simplify and speed up the harvesting of vegetables.

This type of soil makes it possible to optimise the use of water, fertilizers, insecticides and, in general, to carry out more rational and targeted treatments: in this way, waste and dispersion in the environment are limited, while reducing pollution deriving from agricultural processes.


In conclusion, the Sicma bed former is particularly suitable for soil preparation especially in horticulture, creating the ideal chemical-physical conditions for the growth of plants; at the same time, it allows you to intervene in a targeted way, limiting the number of times the soil needs to be processed.

Depending on your needs and the type of cultivation, you can request a "tailor-made" bed former. The machine can be customised considering the height and width of the bed.


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How do I choose the most suitable bed former for my work?

When choosing the type of bed former, it is important for the operator to carefully consider his/her cultivation needs, since it must be related to a series of technical parameters ranging from the dimensions (width and working depth) to the power of the tractor and even the rotation speed of the tiller to which it is applied.

In addition to this, an essential parameter is the compactness of the soil in which the work will be carried out. Clay soils are processed differently from soft soils or soils with a high presence of stones, so specific machine configurations will be precisely defined for different types of soil.

It is equally important to identify the degree of soil fragmentation to be achieved. From the latter aspect derives a correlation relating to the efficiency of the bed forming operations: processing the soil just once, where possible, will of course result in greater productivity.


Since Sicma bed formers can be highly customised, the design team develops and produces each machine according to the precise instructions of the users: for this reason they take longer to make, but “Made in Italy” quality is always guaranteed, which has always been one of Sicma's founding values.

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