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After our in-person return to EIMA, we certainly could not miss out on the chance to attend SITEVI, the international exhibition of equipment and know-how for vine-wine, olive and fruit & vegetable production.

The event will take place in Montpellier, France, from 30 November to 2 December 2021. We will be present with an exhibition space in hall “B3”, stand “B 091”, where we will showcase our machines, including the inter-row machine which has already earned a “special mention” in the latest edition of EIMA.


The stand-out feature of the Sicma inter-row machine, which can be fitted with a vast range of equipment and tools, is the option of mounting it on the front of the tractor as well. The main benefits of this configuration are seen in terms of productivity because the operator can also perform an additional task with a specific machine mounted on the rear, thus increasing efficiency.


Premio innovazione Interceppo Sicma

SITEVI is the place to be to find out about the latest innovations and technologies for all the vine-wine, olive and fruit & vegetable production sectors.

Due to its extensive international reach, the event is a showcase for the latest trends and allows participants from around the world to exchange opinions on the strategic challenges of the three supply chains.

A unique opportunity to find out about the latest innovations, new solutions and market evolutions to be well-equipped to meet the challenges of an ever-increasing green and sustainable future.

There are three trends in particular to monitor closely:

  1. the development and application of the digital world;
  2. the optimisation of crop operations and transformation processes aimed at reducing the environmental impact of the work, thus minimising and, in some cases, eliminating the use of crop protection products;
  3. market differentiation and product innovation as a natural consequence of the above-mentioned trends.

Here, in Sicma, we are working hard to provide increasingly cutting-edge machinery in the desire to meet the challenge of a more sustainable agricultural model with a greater respect for nature.

Our inter-row machine is an excellent example of this.


Working the vineyard with an inter-row machine to control and manage cover crops (instead of using weed killers and chemical substances in general) represents an organic and sustainable choice. It respects the biodiversity in the vineyard and also has a positive effect on the size and quality of the fruit thanks to a greater absorption of the nutrients by the plants.

Weeds are, in fact, a threat to the ideal development of fruit-bearing plants because they compete with them and can result in the onset of a variety of diseases. The practice of controlled cover cropping can, therefore, transform a potentially negative factor, like the presence of grasses and weeds, into a positive one.

Using an inter-row machine allows you to manage the space between rows more efficiently by combining weed development control with the beneficial management of their residue, which releases nutrients into the soil as they decompose. This process has a positive effect on the quality of the fruit.


Agriculture is called upon to play a front line role in the environmentally-friendly transition which is why it will be important to support sector-based operators and guide them towards new methods of working. The use of the Sicma inter-row machine thus observes the criteria of environmental sustainability because it allows chemical soil control to be replaced.

Find out more about Sicma’s inter-row machine and the range of accessories that can be assembled.



Sicma al Sitevi 2021

We will be among the exhibitors at the 40th edition of SITEVI, the international exhibition of equipment and know-how for vine-wine, olive and fruit & vegetable production which will take place in Montpellier (France) from 30 November to 2 December.

In the company’s space (Stand B3 B091)

Hall “B3” stand “B 091”

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