The purchase of an agricultural machine is undoubtedly an important investment. We all want a sturdy machine that does its job well, but we also want it to last as long as possible, perhaps without those annoying visits to the mechanic that cost us time and money.

For this reason, when we need a new machine, we spend a lot of time in the search for the right solution, we consult dozens and dozens of web pages to analyse the characteristics of each individual manufacturer and we ask people we trust for opinions on this or that brand.

And we end up becoming more confused than when we started.

So what’s the solution?

What is safer than relying on a company that has been designing and building sturdy, resistant agricultural machinery designed to last over time for over 50 years?

Sicma agricultural machinery represents excellence on the market, the result of a know-how based on research, study and experiments. The analysis of the problems related to the processing of the earth, which subjects the machinery to continuous dynamic stresses and constant friction, has led to the choice of materials that is increasingly suitable to effectively meet the processing needs on all types of terrain.

The choice of materials and their assembly are the result of knowledge and experience accumulated over time and handed down within the company, after years of study, design and listening to end consumers.

At Sicma, we want our agricultural machines to be reliable and with high standards of performance, power and safety. This is also thanks to the specific skills developed by our collaborators, who perfectly assimilate the company philosophy of precision, reliability and continuous improvement.

This is why we build robust machines, designed to last over time: from the design to the construction of the machines there is a commitment of attention and control that continues and follows the customer even after sale.

Supervision of all phases of production and attention to the final assembly of the components guarantee excellent results in terms of quality and performance of the products.


The details of Sicma tillers

At Sicma we’re not about fairy tales. We don't hold back, quite the opposite, we brag about our machines.

The quality and perfection of our agricultural machines are represented by concealed and protected construction components and are fundamental for the mechanics of a machine that does not cause problems and that lasts over time.

For example, our tiller:

The construction details of the machinery make tangible the quality of production and the study that is the basis of the design of an instrument designed to be solid, robust and long-lasting:

  1. the 3-point high rigidity hitch;
  2. the double boxed sheet metal frame, the body reinforcement cross pipe, the high thickness side plates and the height-adjustable high-strength steel skids that enhance the strength and robustness of the machinery;
  3. the Sicma transmission unit, designed and built by us specifically for the needs of the machine, equipped with gears made of heat-treated alloy steel;
  4. the lateral transmission equipped with high-quality bearings that ensure durability over time;
  5. the gears, always of Sicma internal construction, made of heat-treated alloy steel;
  6. rotor supports with high reliability bearings equipped with lubricating seals with LNG system;
  7. the rotor with a high thickness pipe and the anti-breakage stiffening counterflanges;
  8. forged high-strength boron steel hoes.

These are the reasons why Sicma machines are famous for their high performance that lasts over the years.

95% of all components required for the production of Sicma machines are designed and produced in-house in our factories and represent the perfect combination of design and technology. Each component that we produce is the result of careful analysis and processing that perfectly meets all needs.

The internalised production also means being able to respond in a timely manner to customer requests to satisfy and exceed their expectations.

Sicma has always paid great attention to the customer.

Starting from customers and their needs, we are committed to designing and creating machinery that can be customised according to the technical specifications required and the type of work that the machinery must perform.

For example, again for our mechanical hoes, we offer the possibility to customise the machine according to the needs of each individual customer.

The basic customisation concerns the rotors and hoes mounted on these.

You can choose between 5 types of rotor (available in both right and left rotation):

Standard rotor, with end hoes facing outwards that allow optimising of the working width

The "Puglia” rotor, that is with the hoes turned inwards, which protects the surface roots of plantations

Blade rotor, suitable for hard and wet terrain (also with 1 bolt attachment) Tooth rotor, ideal for working stony and hard soils


For the standard rotor and the "Puglia", rotor we offer the possibility of choosing the type of hoes to be fitted. We have:

  • Curved hoe: Ideal for normal/wet terrain
  • Square hoe: ideal for sandy terrain
  • HTITE® tungsten carbide coated hoe, designed for siliceous and abrasive terrain.

For greater resistance, these tools can be accompanied by the possibility of mounting counterflanges, which increase their resistance in the processing of hard or stony terrain.


In addition to the customisation of rotors and blades, we offer a wide choice of options to configure a tiller built around the customer. The many options include:

Safety devices such as bolt limiter or coupling clutch: in case of sudden power absorption, they enable protecting of the tiller transmission.

  • Pair of iron side or front wheels: these regulate the working depth of the tiller.
  • Pair of conveyor discs: positioned in front of the tiller and at the side skids, they open a groove in the terrain, thus facilitating greater working depth.
  • Pair of track breaker anchors: anchors that are mounted in the front of the tiller to loosen the terrain hardened by the transiting of the tractor.
  • US attachment adapters: required to adapt European three-point hitches to US ones

And in addition:

  • PTO (power take-off) setting 1,000 rpm: a pair of gears are mounted in the gearbox that allows the tiller to be turned with a tractor whose PTO is 1,000 rpm.
  • Box with 1 speed only, useful when 4 speeds are not required.
  • Geared transmission: guarantees greater performance especially in the most difficult situations
  • Side casing protection
  • Hydraulic coupling for seed drill which is used to lift the seed drill unit mounted behind the tiller.
  • Hood press kit: used to press the hood firmly onto the terrain for greater soil levelling.

And now let's talk about the possible rear roller configurations. Choose between:

Spiral roller: useful for the working of dry soils, with medium humidity and in the presence of small stones

Packer roller: useful for compacting the surface, to avoid the evaporation of soil moisture in the hottest periods and with high drought conditions

Smooth roller: useful for the preparation of soils for sowing vegetables

Spiked roller: useful for stony, clayey soils with a high degree of humidity

Cage roller: useful for processing dry soils, with medium humidity and in the presence of small stones



With the choice of the roller there is the possibility to further customise the machine with options such as:

  • Rear levelling blade: blade located between the tiller and the spiked, cage, spiral or packer roller that is used to level the terrain.
  • Hydraulic jacks for roller adjustment: adjusts the roller work depth directly from the tractor.


The Sicma tillers have a wide range of models produced with different sizes and can be fixed or moveable sideways in order to be adaptable to any type of soil (from the hardest, driest and stoniest, to the softest, wettest and sandiest) and to any type of work.

The Sicma hoes meet all the needs of every single customer, guaranteeing maximum power, robustness and high performance on all types of terrain.

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