Sicma: synonymous with Reliability, Durability and Service

Sicma: synonymous with Reliability, Durability and Service


For over 50 years Sicma has based its principles on reliability, durability and service.

To achieve these consolidated strengths, Sicma has paid great attention to the after-sales service department. In fact, all the components necessary for the production of Sicma machines are designed and manufactured at its factories: this makes it possible to respond promptly to customer requests.


To always be able to assist its customers according to their expectations, Sicma is constantly looking for solutions that allow it to offer an increasingly efficient service and logistics that have been studied down to the last detail.


New technologies and highly qualified and available personnel. The combination of skills and modern solutions for automated warehouse stock management are the secret that allows Sicma to minimise delivery times thereby ensuring that all customers can find any spare part quickly.


The long life cycle of Sicma products and its evolved production integration allow it to also assist customers in possession of older machines, produced for several decades: in this way the ready availability of original spare parts contributes to extending the useful life of Sicma machines, preserving their performance and efficiency.

In addition, Sicma is able to reproduce most of the spare parts for its machines internally: a demanding choice that however allows it to guarantee the continuous and immediate availability of original spare parts, of high quality, the only ones that can guarantee the same performance and the same production efficiency throughout the life of the machine.