The sensitivity towards a more sustainable agriculture is ensured by Sicma through the design of increasingly sought after solutions that are ableto create the ideal conditions to promote natural processes, without the use of chemicals and thus reducing its environmental impact.

In this sense, the Sicma production for organic farming is enhanced with new machines and, thanks to its many years of experience in the production of rotary tillers, the company has dedicated itself to the design and production of mechanical solutions that allow minimal working of the soil.


The RG Bio rotary tiller is equipped with a pair of twin front wheels thanks to which it is possible to obtain extremely precise and uniform adjustment of the working depth in a strip of soil (from 3 to 9 cm) where, by mixing the cut organic mass with the soil, the compost effect that prepares the soil for the action of the seeder is obtained.

RG-Fresatrice Bio

The rotor is specially designed to achieve a rotation of 344 rpm (much greater than the usual 250 rpm): this allows weeds to be severed sharply at their root, obtaining a cut that slows their regrowth (without the use of chemical herbicides) while oxygenating the worked soil. 


Another important feature is the possibility of hydraulically adjusting the opening of the rear covers, which allows the organic material to be discharged freely while preserving the “natural” effect of the compost creation.


The hoes have a precise angle of entry and cutting, to avoid soil compaction and to increase the refinement effect of the worked mass.


Trinciato compost bio

Surface management also influences soil fertility:

  • A more processed soil subject to chemical stress (herbicides and pesticides) has reduced biodiversity.
  • This results in worsening of the soil quality (its biochemical and physical properties are degraded: e.g., carbon content, nitrogen content, bulk density, porosity, compaction) which therefore affects the quality of the agricultural products.
  • There are many crop residues that can be recycled in an orchard/vineyard: leaves, pruning, fallen fruits, root exudates, traces of micro-organisms and insects...
  • Their decomposition provides significant quantities of nutrients that then become available for the following year.
  • For example, studies on apple orchards have quantified that up to 45% of nitrogen and phosphorus or 67% of potassium are released upon the degradation of these materials, which then return to the soil with respect to the amount absorbed by the plant
  • They are important tools to support fertility and improve it, optimising the structural stability of the soil, workability, reduction of erosion, improvement of water retention, stimulation of biological activities, release of nutrients and the mitigation of compaction.

Vai alla scheda e configura la tua RG bio

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